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Old Eagle Front DoorThe Grey Eagle Tavern and Music Hall was first located in Black Mountain, NC, (Grey Eagle is the old Cherokee name for that region, and was the original name of the town).  It was located in what had been the garage and paint room of an old Chevrolet dealership.  Owned and operated by Edd Konopka in 1994, The Grey Eagle was a great neighborhood bar which hosted local musicians and some touring songwriters.Arlo Guthrie

Tyler Richardson and Dan O'Brien purchased The Grey Eagle and started their operation of it on Halloween 1995.  At this time the music room was still very much a garage with a stage, some lights and a minimal sound system.  Over the next year Tyler and Dan continually improved the building and Tyler began building the music side of the business.  Through persistence The Grey Eagle had it's first big national act when Leo Kottke came to play on October 9th, 1996.  While The Grey Eagle had hosted many standing room only shows with growing local performers like David LaMotte and Christine Kane, this show opened doors for Tyler to book more national acts, including a few living legends like Arlo Guthrie.

Bill MillerBy the end of 1996 Dan had to stop working full time at the bar; he and his wife had a new baby and were building a house, so he needed to put his time and energy there.  Fortunately, Tyler's longtime friend Bert Ivey had fallen in love with the Eagle on visits to Black Mountain and when the door opened to become a part-owner, he signed on.

In mid-September of '98 Tyler and Bert learned that their lease would not be renewed and that they would have to be out of the building by the end of October.  The Grey Eagle said goodbye to Black Mountain on Halloween '98 with one last hurrah and started looking for a new home.

Four months later the search was over. The Eagle landed by the French Broad River in Asheville (just 12 miles from their old location).  They officially re-opened on June 11, 1999 with a show from an old friend, David LaMotte.pumpkin carving

The new space, being much larger than the previous, has already proven to be a good home.  Continuing their tradition of bringing the best possible musicians in from the road and providing a place for growing local acts, already The Grey Eagle has hosted new friends like Doc Watson, Tim O'Brien, R.L. Burnside, Southern Culture on the Skids, Vic Chestnut and Robert Earl Keen; and has welcomed old friends home, like Leo Kottke, Shawn Mullins, Chuck Brodsky, Richard Buckner, Corey Harris, Jimmy Landry, David Wilcox, Christine Kane, Chris Rosser, Ken Bonfield and... well, the list goes on and on provided that people like you continue to support live music.  Thanks for being part of the family.  See you soon.


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 [ Meet the Family ]



The Grey Eagle Tavern and Music Hall
185 Clingman Ave.         Asheville, NC  28801
(828) 232-5800

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